Gears for Good

Next week I’ll be riding the C&O Bike Trail from the Paw Paw Tunnel in Maryland to Washington DC with a group of (mostly) guys with bleeding disorders, including hemophilia. Many of them have what they casually refer to as “co-morbidities” contracted from tainted blood transfusions they received as children back in the 1980s. Some deal on a daily basis with the consequences of being HIV positive, and with Hep C and Hep B. Joint damage plagues them as well: one of the most damaging aspects of hemophilia is the impact of small internal bleeds on the joints. Those who choose this ride are both particularly resilient and, as they’d say themselves, particularly lucky. They represent all their “blood brothers” too disabled to participate. I’ll post here about their struggles and triumphs.

Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride

About templek
I study eighteenth-century law, literature and culture and have just completed two terms (six years) chairing the English Department at Georgetown University. I'm committed to universal access to higher education and to educating non-traditional students in the ways of the academy.

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